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A penalty fee has been set according to the tuition fee of each student and the PCP has offered the accreditation only for two years, conditioning it with the fulfilment of penalties, official said.
The penalty fee exists so that one of Obamacare's core provisions, the preexisting conditions statute, can be effective.
Should applicants opt to repay their dues earlier than the 54 instalments allowed, they stand to benefit from a commensurate reduction to the added penalty fee that could run up to 27 per cent.
You can leave before the deal ends without being hit with a penalty fee.
But Andy has still been left with a PS75 overdraft penalty fee and has yet to get an explanation from npower about what went wrong to make the bill high.
31 for most hunts) will have to pay a $25 penalty fee to purchase a 2015 hunting license.
If the customers are not satisfied with the vehicle they can return it and have a refund, without a usage or penalty fee.
Dublin and Lisbon will receive the payments on 31 May, but will be charged a penalty fee of between two and three percentage points on top of the coupon rate to access the funds.
The CBB instituted a new swap facility that permitted banks to exchange US dollar for Bahrain dinar without a penalty fee.
These charges may still overdraw an account and trigger a penalty fee.
For example, issuers can no longer charge a $39 penalty fee if a consumer is late making a $20 minimum payment.
Halima decided to pay the penalty fee for the early separation.