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The results from each method were analysed by comparing the MPD data from each method with MTD values from the sand patch tests.
Figure 7a shows the relationship between the MTD values from sand patch tests and MPD data obtained from the laser texture scanner.
Key Words: Allergic contact dermatitis, patch test, European standard series
Akasya-Hillenbrand E, Ozkaya-Bayazit E: Patch test results in 542 patients with suspected contact dermatitis in Turkey Contact Dermatitis 2002;46:17-23.
Unlike the swab test, the patch test is a closed extraction system, which prevents fluid evaporation and loss.
The patch test, with titration liquids used as a detector, also provides high chloride recovery.
Figure 3a shows four sand patch tests performed on an exposed Portland cement concrete sample using 12.
About 10% of patients who take patch tests are allergic.
Onder M, Adisen E: Patch test results in a Turkish paediatric population.
Most Common Allergic Responses To Patch Tests in 2003 Nickel sulfate 16.
percent more likely to have positive patch test results.