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de Villefort to purify Marseilles of his partisans.
More than 300,000 Illinois Voters Sign Petitions to Take Partisan Politics Out of Legislative Redistricting
Open Competition works on development of design and working documentation for the project Bringing mine waste heaps Partisan and the territory near the village Sinyaevka municipality Partisan Uzlovskij area the Tula area in a safe condition DOAO Tula (mine Partisan )
Viewing partisan news reports from both the conservative and liberal viewpoints does not make people more accepting of citizens on the other side of the political fence, according to a study in the journal Human Communication Research, which examines citizens' media consumption in the U.
Unfortunately, in spite of considerable interest in the causes and consequences of today's partisan battles, we currently have little systematic evidence about how changes in partisan polarization over time affect the relationship between presidents' public rhetoric and their private actions in the partisan sphere (Cameron 2002; Cohen 2011).
Major Thompson, along with two others - a Bulgarian partisan and yatak (supporter of partisans), was executed by firing squad in the nearby village of Litakovo.
By Hani Al-Awadh (with photos) DUBAI, Feb 17 (KUNA) -- A political debate, held here Sunday evening as part of the Fifth UAE-Kuwait Media Forum, discussed the adverse impacts of some partisan practices on the Arabian Gulf countries.
BAGHDAD / NINA / The MP, of the state of law coalition, Jabbar al-Kinani confirmed that the Presidency of the Council of Representatives is getting away from laws that serve the citizen and moving toward the laws that have partisan gains and create crises.
There are different opinions inside BDI whether the party should remain in the coalition with VMRO-DPMNE, partisan sources have told LAJM.
In spite of the fact that leaders of Soviet partisan detachments were reluctant and often refused to accept Jewish women in their detachments, the latter comprised 26.
Of course the members could be very partisan and there could also even be some partisan staff," says Gerald Wright, an Indiana University professor of political science who studies state legislatures.
Such partisan attachment, known as partisanship, is, therefore, essential to the institutional process of democratization.