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Partial Release

A provision in some mortgages allowing part of the collateral (which, in this case, is the property underlying the mortgage) to be released under certain stated circumstances. For example, once the property owner has repaid a given percentage of the principal, part of the property may be released from the collateral under a partial release provision.

partial release

A mortgage lender's release of its lien from only some portion of the land mortgaged. Usually encountered in subdivision development.The lender and the developer will have a prearranged ratio for division of proceeds from the sale of each parcel.

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A partial release of lien given where no further work is performed after the date of the partial release turns out to be a final release and a final release given when further work is performed thereafter may not be a final release.
The Palestinian assumption all along was that there would be a process of successive partial releases of prisoners to accompany progress in the implementation of peace agreements on the ground, leading finally to the release of all prisoners.
The revisions include raising the dollar threshold for real estate appraisals in partial release situations, and allowing the Agency to release real estate security without appraising the retained real estate in some cases.
Since the new dental tenant will be incurring significant construction and equipment costs, the landlord or property owner must make certain that proper procedures are being followed to assure that timely payments are made to all contractors and their subcontractors, and that partial releases of liens are obtained and delivered to the landlord for all such payments as the payments are made.
6%), have exercised partial releases and as a result, those three loans have paid down by 8.
Available in three-, five-, or seven-year terms, the flexible fixed-rate product also offers additional fundings and earnouts, partial releases and property substitutions.
Five of the original 15 loans have paid in full and two loans, have had partial releases of collateral.
Morgan Office Portfolio, New Boston Office Portfolio, and HRO Hotel Portfolio have exercised partial releases and the loans have paid down 51.
Five of the original 15 loans have paid in full and two loans have had partial releases of collateral.
7%) loans have been reduced due to partial releases.
6%), has paid down due to partial releases, and Portland Center (2.
8%) loans' balances have been reduced due to partial releases.

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