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Putting money into safe investments such as money market investments while deciding where to invest the money.


1. The act or practice of investing in low risk and/or highly liquid securities while one decides where to invest in the medium and long term. For example, one may park one's money in a Treasury bond, or even a savings account, while one makes these decisions.

2. The act of illegally holding or financing stock on behalf of another party with the intent to conceal that party's ownership. Parking occurs when an investor would otherwise own more that 5% of shares outstanding, which would require him/her to register certain information with the SEC. Parking is a method a corporate raider uses when he/she wishes to conceal his/her intent to acquire a company. The raider therefore enlists another's help in doing so by asking him/her to hold or finance a certain amount of stock. See also: Williams Act.


1. Placing idle funds in a safe, short-term investment while awaiting the availability of other investment opportunities. Many investors end up parking proceeds from a security sale in a money market account while searching for other securities to purchase.
2. Transferring stock positions to another party so that true ownership of the stock will be hidden. For example, an investor involved in the takeover of a company may park securities of the company with other investors so that the management of the target company will not know the extent of the investor's stock ownership. Parking for this purpose is generally illegal.
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He wandered about the park, looking absently around him, and paused in astonishment when he suddenly found himself in the empty space with the rows of chairs round it, near the Vauxhall.
She mechanically retraced her steps; she returned, as in a dream, to the open space of the Park.
It was now dusk, and after I had routed out some biscuits and a cheese in the bar--there was a meat safe, but it contained nothing but maggots--I wan- dered on through the silent residential squares to Baker Street --Portman Square is the only one I can name--and so came out at last upon Regent's Park.
Her feelings for one and the other were soon a little tranquillised by seeing the party in the meadow disperse, and Miss Crawford still on horseback, but attended by Edmund on foot, pass through a gate into the lane, and so into the park, and make towards the spot where she stood.
He had been paying a round of visits at various English country houses, and exactly what he was doing for diplomacy at Prior's Park was as much a secret as any diplomatist could desire.
And so he would, if he were lord of Ashby Park--there's not a doubt of it: but the fact is, I MUST have Ashby Park, whoever shares it with me.
There are just two patches of it in the whole continent," said Phil, "one right here in the park, and one somewhere else in Nova Scotia, I forget where.
You didn't--that is to say you didn't mention the Park particularly," he admitted.
observed he, looking round upon the sunny park, with its imposing swell and slope, its placid water, and majestic clumps of trees.
But his horse turned in through the park gate and began the old familiar nocturnal round.
Then he turned back still running, stopping only when he reached the park gate, where he again consulted his watch and then put it away in his pocket, shrugging his shoulders with a gesture of discouragement.
About this time there drove up to an exceedingly snug and well- appointed house in Park Lane, a travelling chariot with a lozenge on the panels, a discontented female in a green veil and crimped curls on the rumble, and a large and confidential man on the box.

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