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8220;SierraVisor provides affordable, high-performance paravirtualization for ARM-based hardware developers,” said Gopu Subramanian, CTO of Sierraware.
In addition to Xen-based NetWare paravirtualization, OES2 includes 64-bit support of previously NetWare exclusive software services and storage management enhancements.
Virtual Machine Interface (VMI) support: VMware Server 2 includes support for transparent paravirtualization through VMI, enabling enhanced communication between virtualized operating systems and the virtualization layer.
NAK Accelerator Coherence Port (ACP) for increased system performance and lower system power - NAK Advanced Bus Interface Unit for low latency in high bandwidth devices - NAK Multicore TrustZone(R) technology with interrupt virtualization to enable hardware based security and enhanced paravirtualization solutions - NAK Generalized Interrupt Controller (GIC) for software portability and optimized multicore communication
VMware has also invested in numerous open-technology efforts within the Linux community, including introducing the Virtual Machine Interface (VMI) paravirtualization specification; contributing to the paravirt-ops platform-independent paravirtualization API; and opening up VMware's Virtual Machine Disk (VMDK) format for all developers.
The driver pack brings the performance benefits of paravirtualization and enterprise-level support to a wider range of fully virtualized workloads, giving customers more choice and flexibility and enabling them to run legacy applications on newer, more powerful, energy-efficient hardware.
A differentiating capability of SYSGO is the secure PikeOS[TM] paravirtualization operating system which is built upon a small, fast, and safe microkernel and supports the cohabitation of independent operating system personalities on a single platform, including ELinOS[TM], SYSGO's embedded Linux development environment.
Linux Kernel Adopts Transparent, Cross-Platform Paravirtualization with Paravirt-Ops; VMware Workstation 6 the Industry-First Commercial Product to Support Paravirt-Ops
KVM leverages the core features of the Linux kernel, including paravirtualization interfaces contributed by IBM engineers.