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It was a bold and desperate move, and enabled the promoters of paper companies to sell stock for several years longer.
Most paper companies look at virgin forest with eyes clouded by dollar signs.
In the case of paper industry margins, the good news is that there are several companies operating on healthier margins, but the flip side is also true: As of their most recent financial reports, some 15 publicly traded paper companies are operating at a loss.
I believe we're at the borderline point just now and you could end up with the crazy situation that pulp and paper companies will be penalized for using renewable power already, while power plants can reduce costs by switching to wood and get the extra carbon credits to sell at the same time.
If a bad move occurs, and a local transportation officer issues a suspension, a firm with paper companies has others to fall back on to maintain business.
APP is one of the world's largest pulp and paper companies.
COST - in a slumping economy, with demand for paper - and especially virgin paper - falling, paper companies must drastically reduce their paper prices to stay in business.
With the increased focus on recycling, a lot of paper companies are moving toward cost-mandated recycling programs," Cameron says.
Apriso Corporation, a provider of adaptive software platforms for global operations execution, confirmed its selection as a member of SAP AG's industry value network (IVN) for forest and paper companies within the mill products industry.
Even if these monster mills don't scare Western paper companies now, they should at least raise some eyebrows and cause some spreadsheets to be opened.
While working with Lee & Man and other Chinese paper companies offers significant benefits, Lee cautions that some areas bear consideration before diving fully into this market.
Much of the land in the still-wild northern half of Maine is timberland owned by paper companies, but it has come under increasing development pressure.