Pacific Exchange

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Pacific Exchange

A stock exchange based in San Francisco, California. It formerly had a branch office in Los Angeles, which closed in 2001. With origins tracing back to 1882, the Pacific Exchange trades primarily in stocks and options. Since the early 2000s, all stock trading has occurred electronically. However, its options market still maintains a trading floor and an open outcry system.

Pacific Exchange (PCX)

A major marketplace for stock options and equities. The PCX formerly operated trading floors in both Los Angeles and San Francisco, but it closed the L.A. floor in 2001 when equities trading was moved to the Archipelago Exchange, the nation's first electronic national stock market. Trading in equity options of over 800 companies continues on the San Francisco options floor.
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The San Francisco-based Pacific Exchange and the Chicago Board Options Exchange are merging in an effort to trim costs and become more competitive.
The Pacific Exchange, the world's fifth largest exchange, would remain in San Francisco and would be supported by the Chicago exchange's technology.
The Pacific Exchange in San Francisco also made a proposal to the SEC to trade in sixteenths.
The exchange turned the investigation over to the Securities and Exchange Commission and asked it to scrutinize trading in 12 accounts, said Pacific exchange spokesman Dale Carlson.

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