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AFMC is implementing PRPS because it provides the Air Force an automated solution for purchase request, delivery order request, MIPR and activities processing.
In addition to the automation benefit, an estimated 5,000 users of PRPS will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their support to warfighters by reducing administrative lead time by an estimated 22 days.
A functional user group consisting of subject matter experts from AFMC's three air logistics centers and the Cryptologic Systems Group helped to develop PRPS.
Group member Lindsey Robertson said that PRPS truly places the AFMC acquisition process into the 21st century.
Additional users will complete computer-based training that is integrated within the PRPS application.
Legal work related to the cleanup can include determining the extent of remedial action necessary, the type of remedial action and the allocation of costs among PRPS.
At every benchmark, each company should calculate its share of remediation costs, including any amounts that are not expected to be paid by other PRPS, based on which allocation method it believes will ultimately be used.
A company's balance sheet may show an asset relating to potential, probable recoveries from insurance claims or PRPS.
CPAS should consider if an environmental exposure's potential effects may be mitigated by third-party indemnification, insurance claims or recovery from PRPS.
Other PRPS have been designated, but the possibility of obtaining a contribution from them is unclear, as is the extent of insurance coverage, if any.
The contracting authority is looking for a party that the current PRPS suits will adopt and maintain.