primary metropolitan statistical area

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primary metropolitan statistical area (PMSA)

Now obsolete but still encountered in trade literature.The term was adopted by the U.S. Census Bureau in 1990, as part of a hierarchy that started with something called a metropolitan area (MA). The MA included metropolitan statistical areas (MSA), consolidated metropolitan statistical areas, and primary metropolitan statistical areas (PMSAs).The entire hierarchy was changed in 2000,with the new concept being a core-based statistical area,which includes metropolitan statistical areas and micropolitan statistical areas.For historical reference,a PMSA consisted of two or more communities that would qualify by themselves to be an MSA (1 million or more inhabitants) but that were so closely tied together economically that they should be treated as one unit.

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And it is these suburbs that are now the home of four-fifths of the office building space in the PMSA.
OMB has some of the changes to the PMSA composition of the New York CMSA under reconsideration, but no changes to the current MA definitions will be reflected in the BEA estimates until April 1994.
The public/private partnership formed between PMSA and the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles provides the groundwork in reducing emissions at the ports," said Sean Connaughton, Administrator of the Maritime Administration, United States Department of Transportation.
The fishing season began on August 15 last year and this is the fourth incident of Indian anglers being apprehended and their boats being seized off the IMBL by PMSA.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Today, PMSA announced its partnership with the Port of Long Beach and Port of Los Angles on a program that provides financial incentives to vessel operators to voluntarily use cleaner-burning, low-sulfur fuel within the ports.
These schemes included construction of six maritime petrol Vessels, PMSA, construction of Admin Block, Accommodation Block and other allied facilities at PMSA
It may be recalled that recent years have witnessed enhanced cooperation between PMSA and Turkish Coast Guard.
Both sides had agreed to task the ICG and PMSA to work on setting up a mechanism for release of fishermen and their boats who accidentally trespass the maritime borders.
The median price in December 2011 was $145,000 in the Chicago PMSA, down 13.
The many emissions reduction programs that PMSA members are already involved in include the use of low sulfur fuels, slide valve technology, voluntary speed reduction, cold ironing and alternative shoreside emission reduction strategies.
Athar Mukhtar said that the action was taken, on a tip off, by the PMSA between the night of January 25 and 26.