Preferred equity redemption stock

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Preferred equity redemption stock (PERC)

Preferred stock that converts automatically into equity at a stated date. A limit is placed on the value of the shares the investor receives.

Preferred Equity Redemption Stock

A convertible preferred stock that automatically converts to common stock or cash on a certain date. PERCs have higher, guaranteed returns than common stock; however, the issuer reserves the right to exchange them for common stock at any time.
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With personalized services like SCOUT, PERCS, CIRCLE and NEWSLINK, we're interacting with customers in a more intimate and meaningful way.
The donation was a part of C Spire's PERCS with a PURPOSE - turning its popular PERCS customer engagement and rewards program into a powerful giving machine to benefit the ACS during the month of October.
Using the PERCS program has increased our customer satisfaction -- our users can be 100 percent confident that Kriterium is on top of their network maintenance," said Todd Cameron, President and CEO at Kriterium, a SonicWALL Gold partner in Rochester, New York.
Issuance of a certificate(s) representing the total number of whole shares of Common Stock and applicable cash payments as described above will be made upon presentation and surrender of the PERCS Units on the terms described in the notice of acceleration and the letter of transmittal.
With the introduction of PERCS, C Spire became the first wireless provider in the nation to offer a consumer engagement program that rewards customers for personalizing their wireless experience.
PERCS with a PURPOSE engages our customers and non-customers and encourages them to get involved in an easy and fun way by sharing their earned PERCS points to help fight breast cancer.
Each PERCS Unit automatically settles for one share of common stock of the company on October 31, 1999, unless previously settled by the company.
C Spire's 'PERCS means PRIZES' Contest Allows Consumers to Create Unique Content via Photographs and Video, Showing How they Use and Enjoy PERCS For a Chance To Win 1,000 PERC Points or Up To $5,000
s preferred stock and PERCS and RJR Nabisco Holdings Capital Trust I`s TOPrS also remain on Rating Watch--Down.
All participants will receive C Spire PERCS rewards points, which can be redeemed for discounts on service, devices and accessories, in addition to the prizes.
19-Year-Old College Student Receives Massive Prize of One Million PERCS Points as Part of Company's PERCS Million Points Giveaway Contest
PERCS: This industry-first rewards program gives customers PERCS for things like sharing their views on our community social forum, joining our Scout program, and for being a loyal customer.