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Technical Analyst

A person who engages in technical analysis, especially professionally. Technical analysts use statistics to determine trends in security prices, and make or recommend investment decisions based on those trends. They do not attempt to determine the intrinsic value of securities, but instead focus on matters such as trade volume, demand, and volatility. Technical analysts often evaluate short-term trends almost exclusively, which is both a strength and a weakness in their analysis. They are sometimes called chartists because of the importance charts have in technical analysis. See also: Fundamental analysis.


A person who uses technical analysis to determine the selection and timing of security purchases and sales. Also called market technician. Compare fundamentalist. See also chartist.
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The OCNW PC Technicians Level 3 course is a one year programme and runs on Wednesday mornings (9.
Steve Harries, tutor for the PC technician skills course, added: "This is a wonderful opportunity for the students and a brave and forward-thinking approach from the head teacher.
Includes detailed instructions for performing the everyday tasks and handling the difficult scenarios that a PC technician faces on a daily basis
These computer diagnostic tools are also great for PC technicians working in the industry since it provides them with the tools to quickly and successfully troubleshoot PC problems without wasting time using older methods.
The survey also revealed that of the nearly 500 CompTIA A+ certified IT managers and technicians surveyed, approximately nine in ten require or recommend CompTIA A+ for current or new tech support staff, including PC technicians, field support technicians, help desk technicians, customer service technicians and network support technicians.
Translated into 11 languages, the book has received accolades from PC technicians, enthusiasts and students worldwide.
Park supports 350 call center agents and a total of 450 employees with a staff of two PC technicians.
Service organizations and professional PC technicians can trust PC-Doctor to deliver the most up-to-date tests because of the work we do for the world's top PC manufacturers," said Kim Seymour, enterprise sales manager.
To date, the CA OnSite program has enrolled more than 300 PC service provider businesses with more than 1,000 individual PC technicians across the United States.
firedog(SM) PC technicians will install the gear at the local Boys & Girls club and provide training for club members.