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PAC Bond

A collateralized mortgage obligation that seeks to protect investors from prepayment risk. PACs do this by setting a schedule of payments; if prepayments of the underlying mortgages exceed a certain rate, the life of the PAC is shortened. If they fall below a certain rate, the life of the tranche is extended. This helps protect investors in case the holders of the underlying mortgages do not pay off their mortgages as expected.


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As long as the law mandates that PACs are the way to influence the political process, LCV is going to have one.
Ifyou say you can't come to an event because you'll be out of town, they say, "We'll tell the senator you don't want to contribute to his campaign,'' says one political consultant who used to manage a PAC.
The PAC went to the direct mail firm of Richard Parker and Associates, which had a reputation for being idealistic, liberal, and savvy.
Although polluter PAC money is, increasingly, reserved for Republicans, Democratic Congressman Richard Gephardt of Missouri is also a top placer, having received $65,500 in 1995.
5 million of military-related PAC and "individual" contributions in the 1993-1994 period.
To understand this, all Bush had to do was take a hard look at the Keating Five scandal, which had nothing to do with PACs but everything to do with campaign finance's more subtle quid pro quo.
Table 49: European Recent Past, Current & Future Analysis for PACS by Product Segment - Software, Hardware and Services Markets Independently Analyzed with Annual Sales Figures in US$ Million for Years 2006 through 2015 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) III-96
Completing Sansum's current transition to reading mammograms on its PACS, the clinic expects to fully integrate digital mammography with PACS later this year.
This overriding demographic factor will support growth in the cardiology PACS market.
Earning Agfa HealthCare's PACS certification marks another milestone for the acceptance of EqualLogic storage in critical healthcare environments.
With data migration, historical exams from a previously installed PACS are transferred onto a newly installed PACS.
In addition to its overall top ranking, DR Systems led in several other categories for PACS vendors, including "Technology Easy to Implement/Support" and "Works as Promoted.