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To us, ownership is the idea that students take on the learning as their own and take responsibility for their own beliefs.
Indeed, there was a way to be fully Christian but also to view other religions as equally valid and worthy as my own.
UPN is owned by Viacom, which owns CBS; NBC has a minority interest in the PAX broadcast network.
With a class longing that grows out of his own lowly economic status, he even admires Harriet's "three decked stove, sheet iron stovepipe, and large wooden cupboard"--all of which stand against his own "rude, whitewashed cabin.
Throughout the course, we regularly discussed our opinions of journaling as an educational process, and we even wrote metajournals in which we each journaled about our own journaling processes and the impact that journals had on us as graduate students.
At the same time, they are called to be aware in that process of listening to their own patterns of resistance.
Some foreign governments, besides owning banks that operate in the United States, also own companies that engage in extensive nonbanking activities.
06/10/2008 13:37 DGE Diageo PLC Transaction in Own Shares
Virginia: The state supreme court overruled a regulation that had subjected companies to a net income tax filing requirement if they used their own truck fleets to deliver TPP, and indicated that this type of delivery was protected; see Dep't of Tax' n v.
The state of California owns thousands of properties, although the exact number is unknown because there is no central listing of state assets.
Today it owns 1,200 stations with 76 stations targeted to the urban audience.
68-629, in which a transferor contributed its own debt obligation (rather than its own stock) to a transferee.