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Dark horse candidates have limited abilities or hopes to overperform against low expectations, and most presidential nomination decisions are biased toward the front-runner who can outraise, outpoll, and outshine her opponents during the "invisible" primary period before the first primaries and caucuses (Steger 2000).
Chris has already shown that he is someone who can get players to overperform, as he puts it, and that's very important for us.
Since 1984, awarded with over 30 patents for innovation, Posiflex touch screen terminals are overbuilt to overperform.
They expect the government to overperform this year's budget deficit target of 1.
Several participants reported that anxiety over a lesbian identity caused them to overperform.
No, but we were able to produce and overperform our regional target.
IF YOU want to get on the wrong side of Sylvain Distin, just suggest that Everton overperform, or punch above their weight.
Because each birth cohort has a different high-tech industry mix, some cohorts may under- or overperform in terms of survival.
Jog and Wang (2004) find that income trusts stock overperform the TSE 300 index and Kryzanowski and Tcherednitchenko (2007) find positive excess returns for REITs when compared to the S&P TSX composite index.
Should this overperformance continue in the following months, current spending will overperform on an annual basis C* without additional measures," Altafaj said.
Given that export duties (the company's largest cost item) are calculated with a one-month lag to the oil price, revenue growth should overperform cost growth, solidifying the company's profitability.