original face value

Original face value

The principal amount of a mortgage as of its issue date.

Original Face Value

The amount one borrows in a loan, especially in a mortgage. The original face value is what the mortgagor repays, plus interest. See also: Par Value.

original face value

The principal amount due on a mortgage at its inception.
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The Category A seats at Twickenham have an original face value of PS315 each according to the listing, meaning that they have a markup of PS13,845 each.
Laws backed by Mrs Hodgson would also force websites to reveal the original face value of the tickets being sold.
The amendment to the Consumer Rights Bill would require ticket sites to reveal a seller's identity, particularly if they are a business, the original face value of the tickets being sold, the individual details of the tickets being sold, such as the seat or ticket number, and whether the resale of the ticket is against the terms and conditions of the original purchase, meaning that it is liable to be cancelled by the event-holder.
Briefs are being touted on resale websites for almost 16 times their original face value of PS35.
The seller of the credit default swap would pay the difference between the original face value of the bond and the recovery value in the instance that the borrower fails to make a scheduled payment; however, the seller would not have to pay if a creditor voluntarily trades his current bonds in for new bonds valued at a discount, as is the case in the new Greek financing plan.
Under the Brady Plan, an accounting rule called FASB 15 allowed restructured loans to continue to be booked at their original face value, so long as the sum of interest and principal payments on the restructured instrument at least equaled that on the original credit.
The workout subsidiary of The Pinnacle Companies and the KABR Group, Pinnacle will now commence the sales and marketing of these residences, which were purchased at a substantial discount from their original face value 65% less than the outstanding balance on the loan.
The silver lining was made possible by the intervention of state Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner, whose office concluded that the way the AIG policies were written entitled the policyholders to at least 110 percent reimbursements over the original face value of the policies.
The principal remaining on the original face value of the $2,440,000 in notes sold to Yorkville is now $267,000.
Moody's said its negative rating actions on 431 securities affect securities with an original face value of more than $5.
The street value of stolen goods is less than a quarter of its original face value.
At maturity, the holder will receive the greater of the bond's inflation-adjusted principal amount or its original face value.
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