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organization development (OD)

the process of improving organization performance by improving the pattern of interaction between members of the ORGANIZATION. The philosophy behind OD is that the core features of organization, such as task specialization, tend to obstruct the full use of individual talents and hence inhibit effectiveness. MECHANISTIC organizations can benefit from being loosened-up to enable faster response to environmental change. To do this individuals need to understand what others do and what motivates them, as well as themselves, and to identify the barriers to personal and group effectiveness. OD facilitates this through use of behavioural techniques such as T-Groups (see MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT). Many are wary of OD, partly because it seems to delve into the private domain and partly because its benefits are difficult to quantify. Also, if power relationships in the organization are left unchanged individuals may become resentful: they have been encouraged to modify their behaviour but their bosses, it seems, have not. See CULTURE. GROUP.
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In 1970s, there were so many definitions about organizational development, more in German and English-speaking literature which they exist still in some related experiments(Gazdag 1994).
These cycles of organizational development contribute to a constant monitoring and development of the organization and should never remain static, but always dynamic and synergistic.
To round out the organizational development team, Associa also hired Ali Seay as an organizational development administrator who is responsible for managing Associa's online learning environment and facilitates the Associa University Coordinators throughout Associa's nationwide system.
Dimensions of IDC's IT Organizational Development and Talent Management Maturity Model
Linkage's Best of Organizational Development Summit is one of the leading benchmarking events in the field of OD and attracts over 500 participants annually.
The MS in Human Resource Management includes specializations in General Human Resource Management, Industrial and Labor Relations, Legal Studies, and Human Capital Management, while the MS in Organizational Development currently includes one specialization in General Organizational Development.
With over 15 years of experience with individual, team and organizational development, Dr.
It will be headed by Didem Acikalin, who, prior to founding Linkage Turkey, was the CEO and founder of Sahneler Training and Organizational Development Consultancy in Istanbul.
Henderson is a strategic results-driven professional who has spent more than fifteen years directing individual and organizational development through creation and implementation of a wide array of cutting-edge HR/OD business strategies and initiatives.
Rudiger Mungersdorff to provide organizational development and related consulting services for large organizations seeking to be more effective.
STOCKHOLM, Sweden -- Marianne Hamilton, Senior Vice President Organizational Development and Management Resources, has decided to leave Atlas Copco as of July 31, 2007.
8 /PRNewswire/ -- Best Practices, LLC has recognized that in today's dynamic business environment many Organizational Development executives and managers are being asked to deal with wide-ranging business issues, many of which are not traditionally associated with Organizational Development management.
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