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organization development (OD)

the process of improving organization performance by improving the pattern of interaction between members of the ORGANIZATION. The philosophy behind OD is that the core features of organization, such as task specialization, tend to obstruct the full use of individual talents and hence inhibit effectiveness. MECHANISTIC organizations can benefit from being loosened-up to enable faster response to environmental change. To do this individuals need to understand what others do and what motivates them, as well as themselves, and to identify the barriers to personal and group effectiveness. OD facilitates this through use of behavioural techniques such as T-Groups (see MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT). Many are wary of OD, partly because it seems to delve into the private domain and partly because its benefits are difficult to quantify. Also, if power relationships in the organization are left unchanged individuals may become resentful: they have been encouraged to modify their behaviour but their bosses, it seems, have not. See CULTURE. GROUP.
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The research was carried out about an association which is ready to adopt the organizational development or adopt creating change by employees in an organization through redesigning the structure and reforming the organizational process and finally we obtained those results based on which many described suggestions are provided.
Before that, she was the director of organizational development and training at Walter P Moore, a multidisciplinary engineering firm.
The Organizational Development (OD) has emerged in the late 1950s out of insights from behavioral science applications to solve problems that encounter the organizations.
The book is presented in an easily readable format, taking a thin slice of a topic which focuses on organizational development and theory for human resource development (HRD) practitioners, developers and educators.
League for Innovation in the Community College National Council for Staff, Program, and Organizational Development, and Company of Experts.
net), managing partner for the Organizational Development Group, is an experienced instructional designer, organizational development consultant, and facilitator.
3] Managers formed a team within the DIF to determine appropriate strategies and develop an internal plan for organizational development.
This effective, responsive, and resilient culture, with high levels of secure and independent thinking, creativity, innovation, and job satisfaction came about because the new CEO of the merged organization had the vision to invest in organizational development and had a deep understanding about the impact employees, physicians, and volunteers' state of mind has on the outcome of their work.
From this position organizational development cannot be viewed as a neutral tool for change.
Jed Friend to drive its organizational development function.
Consultancy, Organizational Development and Change: A Practical Guide to Delivering Value
This collection of 20 papers is an annual publication of the Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education, and is directed at instructional development staff, department chairs, faculty, deans, student services staff, chief academic officers and educational consultants.
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