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JetBlue Airways reduced by 32 the number of firm Embraer 190 aircraft it will take from 2007 through 2010 in order to "manage capacity growth while retaining maximum flexibility," it said yesterday.
If the respondent does not file an answer within the time provided, the respondent waives his or her right to appear and contest the allegations in the notice, and Enforcement Counsel may file a motion for entry of an order of default.
The potential of computerized physician order entry to make a significant impact has been shown clearly in studies that documented a 55 percent reduction in serious medication errors.
Assign an employee who does the accounting the task of comparing the purchase orders with the packing slips.
When we bring to a client's attention the number of [purchase orders] they're placing, most of them are like, 'Yeah, I'd rather order one time a week rather than four times a week.
Scheduling information was recorded on a paper-based calendar and also in an Excel service order log.
Feinstein also said the FERC had made progress, but criticized the order as too limited and too late.
With a stop-loss order, you know that if the stock trades at or rises above the stop order price, a market order will be executed.
In order to limit the number of necessary revisions, names and telephone numbers should be left out of specific general orders.
It denounces a stable order, but acts as a ladder up which the viewer must climb only to lose the need for it altogether.
that the salesmen's activities were taxable and provided insight into the definition and scope of "solicitation of orders.
Finn and his colleagues report in the May 6 JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION that they looked at changes made by ward clerks and laboratory personnel on orders for a variety of thyroid function tests on 181 patients at two hospitals.