Options series

Options Series

All option contracts on the same security of the same variety and with the same terms. For example, all puts on stock in General Electric with a strike price of $15 expiring next January belong to the same option series. See also: Triple witching.

Options series.

An options series includes all the contracts within an options class that have identical terms, including expiration date and strike price. For example, all the calls on Stock A that expire in March and have a strike price of 45 are members of the same options series.

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OCC) for orders in multiple options series that resulted in the improper duplication of options trades and the firm incurring a loss of $13.
5 September 2014 - Chicago-based Chicago Board Options Exchange Inc (NASDAQ: CBOE) said that starting on October 6 it plans to begin including SPX Weeklys options series in its CBOE Volatility Index (VIX Index) calculation.
It's with some sadness I announce I'll be winding down my Healing Options series, which started in 1998 soon after I left the Paralyzed Veterans of America's (PVA) national office in Washington, D.
Eurex will offer Weekly Equity Options for the first, second, fourth and fifth Friday of each month, complementing the standard equity options series, which expire on the third Friday of each month.
The data covers 653 225 trade and 215 045 options series.
Also available in the Better Options Series are the X50 and X70, offering alternative functions in the same ultra-lightweight chassis.
NLC published "The Year 2000 Problem," a 22-page guide that provides tips on how to fix local government Y2K glitches, and "Y2K in Local Government," a 28-page monograph in NLC's Issues and Options series that provides checklists, examples, and samples of how local governments are solving Y2K problems.
However, a software configuration error ended up converting the firm's "contingent orders" for various options series into live orders, and assigned them all a price of $1.
30 May 2014 -- US-based options exchange operator the Chicago Board Options Exchange Inc (NASDAQ: CBOE) said that on Monday, July 7, it plans to introduce PM-settled, End-of-Month options series with expiration dates falling on the last business day of the month for its S&P 500 Index options.
I also very much appreciated his invitation to develop my Healing Options series after leaving PVA's national office.
He pointed to differences between the equity and options markets, saying that "The options market is a quote driven market with hundreds of thousands of options series, most of which are constantly changing due to changes in the price of the underlying instrument" making it very difficult for an options exchange to display the national best bid offer price continuously and thereby making a mechanism that sought out the best bid offer price advantageous to the customer.