Options chain

Options Chain

A listing of all quotes for an option, organized according by security. For example, given stock X, an option chain lists all prices, strike prices on all calls, and puts available for that stock.

Options chain.

Options chains are charts showing all the options currently available on a particular underlying instrument.

A chain, also called an options string, provides the latest price quotes for all those contracts as well as the most recent price for the underlying instrument and whether that price is up or down.

Because all this information is available in one place, options chains allow you to assess the market for a particular option quickly and easily. They're a popular feature of online trading and financial information sites.

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The store, founded by businessman Romy Sia of the Healthy Options chain, has long aimed to take the snooty drama out of wine drinking by hiring chefs to develop menus that are strong on street food.
Portware has released a completely redesigned options trading platform, including an advanced front end with new configuration tools and enhanced options chain views; integration with Hanweck Associates' high-performance, low-latency options analytics solution, VoleraFEED[TM]; and an automated delta hedger that complements existing algorithmic offerings.
With spreadMAKER, investors can begin with a standard tradable strategy, such as a covered call, vertical or straddle, or build a customized spread, launching the tool from any quote, options chain or position.
Wells Financial Holdings Limited newly enhanced online trading platforms also include: updated options chains with timely streaming data; Good Til Cancelled (GTC) Trailing Stop Orders on mostly open equities positions to shield earnings and limit losses by instantly modifying a client's exit price as the value of the security increases; Symbol Entry Field Drop-Down Menus designed for quicker and easier access to the latest securities viewed and traded; more improved and better capabilities for traders to print breaking news and important data that could impact their individual trading strategies and trading style; and support system from Microsoft Vista Operating System.
quotes will also include options chains, consensus research and SEC filings.
NEW YORK -- E*TRADE Financial Corporation (NASDAQ: ETFC) today announced the introduction of voice recognition on E*TRADE Mobile for iPhone, enabling users to access stock quotes, news and options chains, navigate to their portfolios and launch a stock order ticket, all with the power of their own voice.
Symbol Hub integrates tools including charts, news, order entry, live data, options chains, even technical and fundamental research into one place.
Up-to-the-minute market news, quotes and charts, plus alerts, detailed options chains and the latest market commentary and research
Futures Options - Long an industry leader in the development of easy-to-use options chains, optionsXpress has expanded its offering within futures options, giving traders easy access to more futures options information via separate call and put pages.
The LiveQuotes Pro symbol guide retrieves information on a wide spectrum of financial instruments, including a dynamic display of options chains, extensive commodities coverage that is searchable and viewable in several formats and fundamental data from company balance sheets.
Volatility Chain - Provides a quick and comprehensive view of a security's historical and implied volatility for all available options chains.
Options chains displaying options for the underlying symbol