option agreement

Option agreement

A form that an options investor opening an option account fills out guarantees the investor will follow trading regulations and has the financial resources to settle possible losses.

Option Agreement

An agreement that many investors must make with a brokerage in order to trade in options with that brokerage. The option agreement ensures that the investor has enough financial resources and is sufficiently familiar with the parameters of option trading in order to make sound and legal investment decisions.

option agreement

A formal written document that must be signed by an investor and put into the possession of the brokerage firm before the investor may trade options. The purpose of the agreement is to help assure that the investor has the financial resources and appropriate goals to qualify for trading options and that sufficient information in the form of an Options Clearing Corporation prospectus has been supplied so that the investor can understand the rules and risks.
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which is a junior mining company actively engaged in developing its 100%-owned Tami-Mosi Magnesium Project in North Central Nevada has terminated the Option Agreement, dated March 7, 2012, between the Company and MillenMin Ventures, Inc.
has today entered into an option agreement with a Spanish based investment
The supervisors granted a two-year option agreement with Blue-T Golf Inc.
Exercising a real estate lease/purchase option agreement is not necessarily a one-time thing, according to a just delivered New Jersey Appellate Court decision.
OTC Bulletin Board: EDIT) reported today that it has entered into an Option Agreement with Boehringer Mannheim Corporation ("BMC") for certain patents and/or patent applications and other intellectual property possessed by the Company.
MILFORD, Utah -- Copper King Mining Corporation (Pink Sheets:CPRK) announced today that its subsidiary, Western Utah Copper Company (WUCC), has fully complied with the Nevada Star Option and Agreement (the Option Agreement), by commencing production in full satisfaction with the requirements of the Option Agreement.
Logan ) announces that it has amended its option agreement (the Option Agreement ) with Equity Exploration Consultants Ltd.
The company subsequently announced that its board of directors had called the special meeting to consider the following matters: A) a proposed plan of dissolution and liquidation of the company; B) the proposed sale of the Rancho Bernardo property; C) the sale of the company's other assets, including its Lincoln Wrigley Creek property, and D) the ratification of certain amendments to the employment agreement and stock option agreement of William F.
NASDAQ: NYNY) and Concord Associates Limited Partnership ("Concord Associates") have agreed to an amendment to the Option Agreement with Concord Associates, pursuant to which Concord Associates has exercised options for 2.
While the overall terms of the Option Agreement remain the same (see Logan news release dated October 7, 2011 for additional details), the sequence of payments owing Logan has been adjusted.
TLC G-65 is administered intravenously in MAI treatment, and thus is not covered by the option agreement between 3M and the Liposome Company.
Nasdaq: IMGN) today announced that sanofi-aventis has entered into an option agreement that enables it to gain expanded access to the Company's Tumor-Activated Prodrug (TAP) technology.