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A rule that stipulates when a security should be bought or sold according to its price action.

Filter Rule

In technical analysis, an arbitrarily set percentage of increase or decline in a stock's price that the analyst sees as an indicator to buy or sell the stock. For example, the analyst may set his/her own filter rule at 15%. If the stock rises 15%, the analyst recommends buying; if it falls 15%, he/she recommends selling. While the particular percentage is subjective, one arrives at it by observing the stock's historical trends. The filter rule exists to help the investor avoid buying or selling at insignificant or anomalous changes in price. However, many analysts do not believe that the filter rule consistently produces profits for the investor.
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For example, a light source has a spectrum from 400nm to 800nm, while the bandwidth of the optical filter is 2[[lambda].
What optical filter solutions are each plasma TV brand using today and what are they expected to use in the future?
com/ ) develops multi-wavelength optical filters on a single chip for Wave Division Multiplexing (WDM) systems, miniaturizing and dramatically reducing the cost of WDM filters used in 10 Gigabit Ethernet and optical storage applications.
The report also segments the market based on components into optical cables, optical couplers, optical power splitters, optical encoders, patch cords and pigtails, optical connectors, optical amplifiers, optical transceivers, fixed and variable optical attenuators, optical circulators, wavelength division multiplexers/de-multiplexers, and optical filters.
The "Precision Optical Filters for Fluorescence Microscopy" catalog includes a number of new filter sets that Omega Optical has added to its product line.
Strong sales of touch screen products and optical filters for electronic displays also helped push turnover up 12pc to pounds 5.
These materials selfassemble to form spatial patterns that exhibit technologically useful optical properties for optical filters, couplers, and switches.
The fluorometer can detect multiple fluorescent labels in a single biological test without optical filters.
By controlling such factors as hole spacing, comments Roy Sambles of the University of Exeter in England, it may be possible to create optical filters that selectively transmit certain wavelengths with no diffractive effects.
Debuting to raves at the annual meeting of the American Society of Human Genetics conference in Baltimore, the PowerGene M-FISH reportedly uses fluorescent reagents and optical filters to automatically analyse chromosomes like no one's ever automatically analysed them before.
Featuring a rotating rack design, reliable air-cooling and a full range of optical filters for all major weathering standards, the Q-SUN Xe-2 tester is the simplest, most reliable and easiest to use rotating rack xenon arc tester available.
DSI[R]), manufacturer of highly durable thin film optical coatings, introduces an enhanced capability to manufacture patterned optical filters.

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