operating cycle

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Operating cycle

The average time between the acquisition of materials or services and the final cash realization from that acquisition.

Operating Cycle

The time between the purchase of an asset and its sale, or the sale of a product made from the asset. Most companies desire short operating cycles because it creates cash flow to cover the company's liabilities. A long operating cycle often necessitates borrowing and thereby reduces profitability.

operating cycle

The average length of time between when a company purchases items for inventory and when it receives payment for sale of the items. A long operating cycle tends to harm profitability by increasing borrowing requirements and interest expense.
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Scientists initially used metal oxides as asymmetric supercapacitor electrodes, but, as metal oxides do not have particularly high electrical conductivities and become unstable over long operating cycles, it was clear that a better alternative was needed.
Most large UAVs and manned flights will have a hybrid system that has a Li-ion battery along with the fuel cell to cope with the high power requirement, mainly for primary applications and long operating cycles, by 2025.
Making Capacity 252 Amps , Mechanical Life 750 Operating Cycles, Aux.
In services, the climate improvement was the result of favourable assessments of the economic situation and business operating cycles over the last quarter.
The intermediate position module has been designed and exhaustively tested for an operating life in excess of 20 million operating cycles," added Steve.
These short, labor-intensive availabilities are assigned to accomplish work that is required to sustain the material condition of the ship between overhauls, particularly those ships on extended operating cycles.
By developing these products, they rely on thoroughly understanding the prevailed value chains and dynamics of producing and operating cycles of SMEs.
It is imperative to understand that outsourcing managed services is not about exporting jobs or infrastructure(s), its about importing competitiveness and efficiencies to a businessAAEs operating cycles.
However, increasing the number of sorties will result in increased failures based on operating cycles.
The services have used two primary approaches--predictable operating cycles and advance notification--to provide time for units and personnel to prepare for mobilizations.
The interior components of dishwashers are exposed to strong corrosive chemicals such as detergents and rinse aids as part of normal operating cycles, so any material used in these applications must be resistant to their degrading effects.
High-speed ovens, better use of refrigerator space, tumble-action washers, sensor dryers, energy efficiency, water filtration, more operating cycles and wine refrigeration comprise a sample list of popular upscale features.
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