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Commencing, on July 1, 2004, the Fund converted to an open-ended mutual fund and was renamed the Julius Baer Global Equity Fund ("Global Equity Fund").
an open-ended mutual fund company incorporated on March 21, 1997, under the laws of Bermuda.
6 billion closed-end fund; The Salomon Brothers Investors Fund, a $666 million open-ended mutual fund; and The Salomon Brothers Capital Fund, a $185 million dollar open-ended mutual fund.
Traditionally the market leader in Saudi open-ended mutual funds, NCB Capital manages 26 Sharia-compliant and three conventional open-ended mutual funds as well as four closed mutual funds covering regional equity, global equity, money markets and Sukuk, making the company one of the world's largest Sharia-compliant mutual fund managers.
Erikson will oversee the team that manages the firm's high yield assets from institutional separate accounts and sub-advisory relationships to Evergreen High Yield Bond, Evergreen Select High Yield Bond and Evergreen Strategic Income Funds, all open-ended mutual funds.
State Street will also advise ICBC's custody department to service the launch of open-ended mutual funds, including process review, IT support and relevant training.
However, it does not apply to open-ended mutual funds.
The Bank is so far the only custodian bank providing services for Polish open-ended mutual funds (Pioneer funds).