Good 'til cancelled order

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Good 'til cancelled order (GTC)

An order to buy or sell stock that is good until the client executes or cancels it. Brokerages usually set a limit of 30-60 days, at which the G.T.C. order expires if not restated. (Different from a day order.)

Good 'Til Cancelled Order

An order to a broker to buy or sell a security at a certain price whenever that price becomes available. Theoretically, such an order is standing indefinitely until either the security is bought or sold at the specified price or the investor cancels the order. In practice, GTCs generally expire 30-60 days after they are made if they have not been filled, unless the investor reiterates them. A GTC is also known as an open order.
References in classic literature ?
So they go on; Deputy, as a rear rank one, taking open order, and invading the silence of the hour and place by stoning every wall, post, pillar, and other inanimate object, by the deserted way.
This was doubtless attributable to the fact, that during nearly a hundred years of existence the said toes never had been subjected to any artificial confinement, and in their old age, being averse to close neighbourhood, bid one another keep open order.
Therefore the Mavericks lay down in open order on the brow of a hill to watch the play till their call should come.
Price will include all open orders with a minimum of $75K.
Receipt of open orders does not authorize the release or shipment of any goods or service.
Operators pick from one active carousel while the others are pre-positioning to be picked the moment the operator is ready, increasing the number of open orders that can be handled.
Once positive patient ID is performed, the phlebotomist then reviews open orders, container and test information, and draws the specimen(s) accordingly.
The upgrade allows value- based freight as well as weight-based freight, mixed inventory models for consigned and non-consigned inventory and changes to payment and shipping terms for open orders.
Contract notice: Open orders and geotechnical studies market.