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The HBL Asset Management, a wholly owned subsidiary of Habib Bank Limited, is currently managing four open end funds by the name of HBL Income Fund, HBL Multi Asset Fund, HBL Money Market Fund and HBL Stock Fund.
Erikson, CFA, as lead portfolio manager of the following: Evergreen High Yield Bond Fund (NASDAQ:EKHAX) and Evergreen VA High Income Fund, both open end funds, and closed end fund Evergreen Income Advantage Fund (AMEX:EAD).
He also succeeds Cryan as co-manager of the following: Evergreen Diversified Bond Fund (NASDAQ:EKDLX), an open end fund, and closed end fund Evergreen Utilities and High Income Fund (AMEX:ERH).
Both Kan Am's closed end funds and Kan Am Grund's open end funds currently make retail real estate investments in the United States exclusively through Mills by written agreement.
Going forward we anticipate that our closed end funds will continue to invest in Mills development projects, and we see our relationship with Mills being enhanced through investments with Kan Am Grund's open end funds.