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7 of them finalized on open bid to winners contractors while 6 others will be re open against so as to attract contractors with below rates.
The regulator had issued its final observations on Diageo's open bid on 31 January 2013, a senior official said as quoted by PTI.
Boat builders and engine suppliers have been invited to enter into an open bid process for the delivery of boats in the UIM Circuit Class GT-15 and GT-30.
The Beijing municipal bus authority launched an open bid program to invite all OEMs and auto-part makers to bid for the contract for the National IV buses.
The Indian Government has strategy to use LED fixtures for the replacement of residential lighting and streetlights across 100 cities in the country within March 2019, and to achieve this goal, it will buy 200 million LED light bulbs through open bid process this year, according to the sources.
Photovoltaic solar energy power station, expected after 2017 only 750 kW for small rooftop systems to get FIT subsidies, annual planning 600 MW open bid amount.
We're very pleased that the president of the council has responded positively to the call of nearly 65,000 voters to rescind the contract, and we look forward to participating in an open bid process,'' Mihlsten said.