Online trading

Online Trading

The act or practice of buying and selling securities over the Internet. Generally speaking, online trading occurs when an investor makes an order to a broker online; the broker then executes the order through the ordinary means. Online trading became more common in the 1990s as more brokerages offered their services online, often for a small fee rather than a commission on the trade. Online trading should be distinguished from electronic trading, which occurs on an exchange. See also: Discount brokerage.

Online trading.

If you trade online, you use a computer and an Internet connection to place your buy and sell orders with an online brokerage firm.

While the orders you give online are executed immediately while the markets are open, you also have the option of placing orders at your convenience, outside normal trading hours.

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MANAMA: Bahrain Bourse (BHB) has announced reduction in levy on online trading transactions with effect from November 28.
Online Trading Academy is open and ready to teach experienced traders and novice investors alike what it takes to be consistently successful in a volatile market.
First Online Trading Transaction from Japan Wafa Financial Services, one of the leading Shari'a compliant financial service providers in the Middle East, recently processed the first online trading transaction to the UAE from Japan.
AGOURA HILLS - Online trading has regained most of the investors who bowed out after the market downturn and the Sept.
Some producers may question the advantages of using an online trading company because it goes against the longstanding traditions of shaking hands and looking your partner square in the eye.
The Japan Securities Dealers Association (JSDA) is considering revising its policies on online trading, requiring, for example, that brokerages provide detailed product information to customers, association sources said Tuesday.
Online trading in Asia/Pacific is about to skyrocket.
The number of online trading accounts opened by individual investors in Japan is expected to top 2.
That's going to lead to the growth of e-commerce--including online trading," says Luis Anavitarte, Dataquest's senior analyst for Latin America.
In a recent speech, SEC Chairman Arthur Levitt warned investors about the allure of online trading.
Scottrade does not offer investment advice, but brokers are available at branch offices to answer customers' questions about their accounts, provide customer service or provide tutorials of Scottrade's online trading platforms.
MANAMA: The Bahrain Stock Exchange (BSE) has issued a resolution to provide online trading service to brokerage firms registered at the exchange and licenced by the Central Bank of Bahrain.

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