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But Asquith and Lloyd George were engaging in battles beyond that over the financing of old-age pensions and the power of a hereditary and conservative upper house.
Unlike New Zealand, in Australia old-age pensions were explicitly denied to the Indigenous inhabitants of the country.
The German and Danish models had also been examined by the NSW Legislative Assembly Select Committee on Old-Age Pensions and by John Cash Neild for the NSW government (see further below).
When Premier Sir William Lyne introduced the NSW Old-Age Pensions Bill in 1900, he noted that its provisions were mainly based on the New Zealand Act, which had already demonstrated their practicality.
After the social unrest in November 2007, (72) the government increased the old-age pensions by GEL 55.
Furthermore, during the last presidential campaign, the increase of old-age pensions system became a way to win the votes of pensioners, a large and politically active group of the population.
In addition, it is difficult to evaluate a role of democracy in Georgia's old-age pension reform process; however, the government's drive to introduce a new pension model before the 2003 parliamentary elections and the new government's promise to almost double flat-rate old-age pensions during the last presidential campaign may have some implications for committing to a policy option preferred by the average voter.
In Soviet Georgia the old-age pension system had been gradually developing as an integral part of the state welfare policy.
Rather, the cause-effect relation underlying the simultaneous increase of old-age pensions and longevity may well be the other way around, that is, factors other than old-age pensions have caused longevity to increase, which in turn is responsible for the increase in the pensions.
In section III, the longevity and saving effects of changes in pay-as-you-go old-age pensions are derived for the two alternative assumptions regarding the existence of fair annuity markets.
The negative longevity effect of an increase in old-age pensions when r > n results from an income effect.
When the House and Senate bills reached conference early in July 1935, negotiators spent a couple of weeks resolving all matters of disagreement in the various welfare programs, the unemployment compensation program, and the compulsory old-age pension program, with the exception of one - the Clark amendment.