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Replacing long-term fixed contracts with new flexible forms of contingent work contracts provides the essential vehicle driving the transition from the Old Economy to the New Economy resulting in increasing levels of uncertainty.
The first wrong implication was that the new economy meant that the Internet would sweep the old economy under the rug.
In order to minimize the distorting impacts of comparing companies across disparate industries, we restrict our analysis to a sample of New and Old Economy companies involved in the same ultimate "business," namely retailing.
Northern Ontario is about to cross the almost invisible line between the old economy and the new economy.
Additionally, it compares the value relevance between companies classified as Old Economy versus those under the New Economy.
But he serves up other winning strategies that rely on old-fashioned verities, and holds up as winners several companies from the Old Economy, as well as the New.
Old economy fund manager Peter Webb yesterday said his Eaglet Investment Trust had lost 16 per cent of its value in the second half of last year.
Tne New and Old Economy have changed the way the world works.
Dot-coms helped perpetuate the demand frenzy for a while, but did limited damage to the fourth quarter 2000 market, since old economy companies were ready to step in and take dot-com sublet space with improvements such as cyber cafes, fiber and furniture in place.
We're using the New Economy through the old economy,"' says Aldazoro, a former consumer goods marketing executive.
3 billion home and commercial appliance manufacturer with more than 25,000 employees, but the executive says he began to tire of Old Economy corporate America.
In other words, the Old Economy is the one in which business transactions are made face-to-face or over the phone, while business is transacted over the Internet in the New Economy.