Offshore fund

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Offshore fund

A mutual fund whose headquarters is based outside the United States.

Offshore Mutual Fund

A mutual fund based outside the United States. Offshore mutual funds must comply with regulations in the countries in which they are registered, but need not comply with American regulations. Offshore mutual funds cannot be sold in the United States unless they comply with these regulations, but they may invest in U.S. securities.

Offshore fund.

An offshore fund is a mutual fund that's sponsored by a financial institution that's based outside the United States. Unless the fund meets all the regulatory requirements imposed on domestically sponsored funds, it can't be sold in the United States.

However, an offshore fund may be sponsored by an overseas branch of a US institution, may invest in US businesses, and may be denominated, or offered for sale, in US dollars. In total, there are approximately four times as many offshore funds as there are US-based funds.

offshore fund

money and FINANCIAL SECURITIES held by a FINANCIAL INSTITUTION which has its registered office in an overseas country (usually a TAX HAVEN such as Bermuda, the Cayman Islands or Jersey).
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VX) has said that it has launched its Depositary 'Lite' platform to support managers of offshore funds and fulfil the requirements of the Alternative Investment Funds Directive (AIFMD).
The result shows that investment tools and services attracting OBU customers mostly include renminbi-denominated products (20 percent), offshore funds that have not yet been introduced into Taiwan (16 percent), high yield bonds (13 percent), hedge funds (13 percent), offshore structured products like structured notes (9 percent) and private equity funds (9 percent).
Calastone is committed and actively working with all offshore fund managers active in Taiwan with the objective to swiftly provide 100% offshore funds connectivity and coverage for Taiwan distributors.
The Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) has decided to lower the ceiling on the share of offshore funds held by domestic investors from the current 90% to just 70% in order to put a damper on overheated sales.
In addition, seven of the Legg Mason offshore funds were awarded first place winners in their specific sectors.
investment trusts, closed-end offshore funds and closed-end U.
By analyzing the development of the different initiatives since then it is possible to discern the key criteria that will need to be met by OFCs and the offshore funds domiciled within them.
The regulation will not be retroactive but offshore funds will not be allowed to sell their beneficiary certificates to local people, if the share owned by local investors have already exceeded the ceiling.
Offshore funds have non-residential investors and are regulated by the provisions of foreign countries where they are registered.
Using these data, Thomson Wealth Management also derives other data points, such as fund performance, risk measures and standard peer group categories used for the comparison of offshore funds.
mutual funds and closed-end funds (Gabelli Funds, LLC), and partnerships and offshore funds (Gabelli Securities, Inc.
We have distribution agreements with top eight fund houses in India while we offer 100 plus funds from our offshore funds basket.
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