Offshore fund

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Offshore fund

A mutual fund whose headquarters is based outside the United States.

Offshore Mutual Fund

A mutual fund based outside the United States. Offshore mutual funds must comply with regulations in the countries in which they are registered, but need not comply with American regulations. Offshore mutual funds cannot be sold in the United States unless they comply with these regulations, but they may invest in U.S. securities.

Offshore fund.

An offshore fund is a mutual fund that's sponsored by a financial institution that's based outside the United States. Unless the fund meets all the regulatory requirements imposed on domestically sponsored funds, it can't be sold in the United States.

However, an offshore fund may be sponsored by an overseas branch of a US institution, may invest in US businesses, and may be denominated, or offered for sale, in US dollars. In total, there are approximately four times as many offshore funds as there are US-based funds.

offshore fund

money and FINANCIAL SECURITIES held by a FINANCIAL INSTITUTION which has its registered office in an overseas country (usually a TAX HAVEN such as Bermuda, the Cayman Islands or Jersey).
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Pleasingly, through 2017, India-focused offshore fund consistently received net inflows into offshore funds, indicating that the confidence of long-term investors on Indian markets has not withered enough in testing times.
Asked if the Cameron family still had money in his late father's offshore fund identified in the Panama Papers, the PM's spokesman said:
The Prime Minister was asked to confirm that "you and your family have not derived any benefit in the past and will not in the future" from the offshore fund set up by Ian Cameron referred to in the papers leaked from Panama law firm Mossack Fonseca.
In addition, we have a basket of mutual funds from both domestic and offshore fund houses.
The underlying purpose for using an offshore fund remains as convincing as ever, but the number of OFCs in which they can be domiciled is likely to decrease," added BVI partner, Simon Schilder.
ASK Group, a diversified financial services group announced that it has created the maiden investment from its offshore fund in ATS Group s project in Noida, worth INR 127 crore.
Union Bank of Taiwan has said that it has signed up with global fund transaction network, Calastone, to automate its offshore fund transactions.
In addition, an offshore fund with high share of foreign investors can arouse international concern, should anything go wrong.
48 hours of denial from Downing St Monday, 11am Asked if the Cameron family still had money in his late father's offshore fund identified in the Panama Papers, the PM's spokesman said: That is a private matter.
Global Banking News-23 March 2009-Credit Suisse planning for offshore fund in India(C)2009 ENPublishing - http://www.
Position in High-Growth Mutual Fund, Hedge Fund and Offshore Fund Servicing
Klinck, who will report to Jay Hooley, executive vice president and head of Investment Servicing and Investment Research and Trading for State Street, will be responsible for the strategic direction, global sales and product structuring of the company's hedge and offshore fund servicing capabilities worldwide.
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