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Offerees can notify of their acceptance to the Tender Offer by submitting a notice of Acceptance ("Notice of Acceptance") in the form available at the offices of Chet Sarid Gruber Sapir-hen Lavron, Law Offices.
In the event of acceptance to the Tender Offer in an extent equal or beyond the Minimum Acceptance Rate, in other words in the event the holding rate of the Offerees that did not accept the Offer is less than 5% of the Company's issued share capital, the Offeror will purchase the shares a Notice of Acceptance was received therefor, and as for the shares a Notice of Acceptance was not received therefor, Offeror will purchase such shares pursuant to section 337(a) to the Israeli Companies law, at the Purchase Price ("Forced Sale").
The only conditions imposed on employers by the ADA are that all offerees be asked these questions, and that information gathered in response to the questions be kept confidential.
Examples may include reformatting a written psychological tests for blind or dyslexic offerees, or rescheduling examination times to accommodate medical appointments.
Once the post-conditional offer stage is over, and offerees are officially employees, the ADA reimposes restrictions on employers' prerogatives.
Once offerees become employees, the ADA reimposes restrictions on employers.
51] If the inquiries result in conditional offers being withdrawn because of the disabilities, employers must be prepared to show that the exclusionary criteria is not discriminatory based upon disability, or is job-related and consistent with business necessity, [52] or they could not reasonably accommodate the disability, [53] or because the offeree poses a direct threat to the health or safety of others.
No limitation on the number of offerees is imposed, but advertising and other means of general solicitation are not permitted.
In conjunction with the above transaction, five of the six founding shareholders of the Corporation intend (subject to regulatory approval) to convey an aggregate of 700,000 of their total 990,000 common shares in the capital of the Corporation to the Offerees and to Messrs.