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Used for listed equity securities. Transacted away from a national securities exchange even though the stock itself is listed, such as on the NYSE, and instead of on the OTC market, a regional exchange, or in the third or fourth markets (between customers directly). After 9:30 a.m., if the stock has not opened due to the exchange's discretion, trading can occur elsewhere, but the trader must assume the role of a quasi-specialist in the process.


Trades on listed companies of the New York Stock Exchange that do not occur on the New York Stock Exchange. An off-board trade may occur on the NASDAQ, a regional exchange, an over-the-counter or anywhere else.


Transactions in New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) listed securities that aren't executed on a national exchange are known as off-board transactions.

Those trades may be handled through an electronic market, such as the Nasdaq Stock Market, through an electronic communications network (ECN), or internally at a brokerage firm. The term off-board derives from the fact that the NYSE is colloquially known as the Big Board.

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Acquiring a tactical off-board sensor on an unmanned aerial vehicle to be flown off the service's aircraft would address that problem, he said.
Cason Grover, senior group manager of cross-carline planning for Hyundai Motor America, said, 'they will offer more technology than ever before inside affordable Hyundai models, allowing owners not only to text message through voice commands and stream their favourite music apps, but also to make calls in a safer way, and navigate using phone-based, off-board navigation through the car's screen and controls.
The infrastructure works includes the provision of detailed design, manufacture and installation of the supporting infrastructure for the SSHM, including the tool and mast stand, the tool wash facility and the off-board control room.
WirelessCar has begun supporting Infiniti InTouch and New NissanConnect services with an advanced off-board network solution that offers a flexible technology to support subscription management and billing for Infiniti InTouch and NissanConnect connected car services.
deCarta's DDS platform has served as the location and routing engine underneath many of the world's leading off-board navigation services from companies such as Networks in Motion (TCS), TeleNav, GM's OnStar, Ford Sync and Appello Wisepilot.
8 million HIRF-SE (high intensity radiated field synthetic environment) project is developing computer-based modelling able to spot and predict interference from natural or synthetic electromagnetic sources on or off-board.
The DoE hopes to award the grants to companies looking to develop solutions for off-board bulk hydrogen storage, hydrogen liquefaction and hydrogen compression, three areas it said are key technologies for the development of hydrogen-powered fuel cells.
These ships will be configured for one mission package at a time, consisting of modules, manned aircraft, unmanned vehicles, off-board sensors, and mission-manning detachments.
It also covers onboard and off-board networking and wireless technologies incorporating such systems as telematics and GPS.
Civil liberties has been raised to the highest level of legislative priorities for the remainder of 2004, a new discussion list (LWV Liberty) has been created, and a Board subcommittee has been formed to make recommendations about establishing an off-Board Advisory Task Force on this topic.
And pricier models, including Lancias and Alfa Romeos, will add a GPS module and be able to scale up to full telematic functions like off-board (not part of a hard-wired in-car unit) navigation via Fiat's bConnect service.
Common user interfaces, standardized connections across hitches, common terminology, common components, and standardized communications to off-board devices are all needed to allow design of convenient and effective machines.