Odd lot

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Odd lot

A trading order for less than 100 shares of stock. Compare round lot.

Odd Lot

A set of less than 100 shares. Most securities are traded in sets of 100, which are called round lots. An odd lot order may be difficult to fill because, for example, a broker trying to buy 36 shares may have a hard time finding another broker selling 36 shares or one selling 100 shares who is willing to partially fill the order with those 36. See also: Odd-Lotter.

odd lot

A unit of trading in securities that is made up of fewer than 100 shares of stock or $25,000 face amount of bonds. Also called lot. Compare round lot. See also effective sale, on-the-quotation order.

Odd lot.

The purchase or sale of securities in quantities of fewer than the standard trading lot -- 100 shares of stock or $1,000 worth of bonds -- is considered an odd lot.

At one time, trading an odd lot might have cost you a slightly higher commission, but in the electronic trading environment that's generally no longer the case.

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But in monthly and annual reports to investors, PIMCO provided other, misleading reasons for the ETF's early success and failed to disclose that the resulting performance from the odd lot strategy was not sustainable as the fund grew in size," the SEC states.
Applications for converting odd lots into full shares will be accepted from next Wednesday through Aug.
With respect to the Portfolio Securities, as to fractional shares and/or odd lots of securities and/or amounts attributable to any cash position (including short-term non-equity securities), the Fund will (a) pay cash for fractional shares and/or odd lots of securities and/or amounts attributable to any cash position (including short-term non-equity securities); (b) round off (up or down) odd lots or fractional shares so as to eliminate them prior to distribution; or (c) pay a higher pro-rata percentage of equity securities to represent such items.
The SEC seems to be reviewing whether or not PIMCO improperly priced odd lots of non-agency MBS so that BOND could have had an unfair performance advantage.
The BDI platform offers access to one of the largest odd lot fixed income liquidity pools with over 100 broker dealers contributing their municipals, corporates, agencies, treasuries and CD inventory.
Throughout its history, the Company has focused on serving non-commodity niche tubing markets by providing high quality stainless-steel tubing in odd sizes, odd lots, and non-traditional grades, and delivering orders with short lead times.
In accordance with the terms of the offer to purchase, Central Vermont first purchased shares from holders of odd lots.
Selling odd lots of shares will likewise become easier," says Jouni Torasvirta, President of Helsinki Stock Exchange.
The number of shares expected to be purchased and the proration factor are preliminary, and subject to verification by the depositary of the proper delivery of all shares tendered and not withdrawn and the number of odd lots included in those deliveries.
If the number of shares properly tendered is greater than the number sought, purchases will be made on a pro rata basis, except for odd lots.
Eligible Convertible Preferred shareholders who would like to accept the offer must tender all odd lots of Convertible Preferred Stock that they own.
00 will have approximately 64% of their common shares bought back at the purchase price, subject to adjustments for odd lots and to avoid the creation of fractional common shares and to avoid the creation of odd lots as a result of proration.