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The OSE did not pay a retirement bonus to Noguchi, the sources said.
The OSE became a stock company in April 2001, switching from a membership entity.
Last spring, the OSE filed a complaint with the Osaka district prosecutors against Noguchi on suspicion of breach of trust for causing damage to the exchange and its affiliates.
Nasdaq could not easily set up in Japan without working through an existing exchange, because it needed to have a certain minimum number of securities companies as members, The only two candidates were the OSE or Jasdaq, since Nasdaq was planning to compete with the TSE just as it competes with the New York Stock Exchange in the US.
There, with Julien, she opened an official office of the UGIF branch, or General Union of French Jews, to which the OSE belonged.
We've worked with Enea OSE Systems in a number of previous projects.
The market capitalization of the OSE, whose shares are publicly traded on the JASDAQ market, stood at 97 billion yen as of Monday.
We chose OSE because they have a proven track record," said Karen Wise, director of software engineering at Nauticus.
Enea OSE ck (OSE Compact Kernel) is a DSP-optimized version of Enea's full-featured OSE RTOS.
In late February, the OSE and the ISE announced a basic agreement to jointly develop a new stock options market in Japan.
Initially created as a general platform to service a spectrum of RTOSs, including OSE, today's CodeTEST has been re-engineered specifically for OSE and integrated into the RTOS's "toolbox" -- making it an indispensable visibility and test tool for OSE developers.