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Stands for "other people's money," which refers to borrowed funds used to increase the return on invested capital.

Other People's Money

Informal term for the use or investment of borrowed funds. For example, a bank uses OPM to lend to its borrowers as the money it uses for loans (theoretically) comes from its deposits.

other people's money (OPM)

A common expression used when talking about the multiplying effect of using borrowed funds to purchase property rather than paying all cash. Investors will say, “I'm using OPM for the deal.”

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2 million individuals have enrolled in the credit monitoring and identity protection services that the Federal Government is offering for three years, free of charge, to those individuals whose data was taken, and to their minor dependent children, according to OPM.
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Early chapters review the philosophical underpinnings of OPM research, while section 2 details innovative contemporary approaches, discussing actor-network theory, simulations, and systems dynamics.