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Project Loan Security

A mortgage-backed security issued by Ginnie Mae on mortgages for larger properties. As with all mortgage-backed securities, the coupons on guaranteed mortgage securities are paid out of the principal and interest on a pool of mortgages underlying the securities. Project loan securities are issued on mortgages on multi-family homes or large construction projects.

Public Limited Company

A primarily British term for a publicly-traded company. The term derives from the facts that the company issues shares that may be bought and sold by the general public and all shareholders have limited liability.

Plc (public limited company)



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The commissioner said police and administrative officials were helping the OPC resolve issues within the promised 30-day period.
Future research directions include investigating the effectiveness of OPC with intervention therapists other than the primary author, and with parents of children from a range of educational backgrounds with children with specific health conditions.
It can be expected to see companion specifications emerging that bind the data models described by these and other specifications to OPC UA, thus providing for complete information level interoperability from one application to another.
3] gas is optically thin, the simplest approach to increasing the optical pumping efficiency is to make the cell longer, which increases the residence time in the OPC without a proportional increase in [tau] (For larger cell diameter the increases in residence time and [tau] have been observed to be comparable, yielding a minimal increase in efficiency [14].
The so-called counterpart funds accumulating for American purposes in European currencies, five percent of the value of the aid provided under the Marshall Plan, filled out the soaring unappropriated budgets of the OPC.
Fitch also notes that OPC has been granted a substantial (up to $3 billion) amount of DOE guaranteed funding at a very competitive rate.
A large number of overseas Pakistanis and officers of Lahore Development Authority, City District Government and OPC attended the ceremony.
Thomas Burke, President and Executive Director added, The OPC Foundation Board of Directors is representative of the world's most prominent global industrial automation suppliers.
Owl's OSTS is lab tested, fully compliant with the OPC Data Access (DA) specification, and supports all DA Server versions - 2.
PORTLAND, Maine, July 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Recognizing the enormous potential of the OPC UA communication standard, Automation industry leaders are eager for solutions that simplify migration to the modern protocol.
Fisher Controls is leading the way in developing OPC (OLE for Process Control) compliant software for supervisory control and data acquisition applications that employ the company's Remote Operations Controller (ROC) and FloBoss(TM) product lines.
The use of OPC standards ensures successful real-time data connectivity and continues to be top-of-mind for engineers in the plant today.