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Or Better

The limit price in a limit order. That is, when making an OB order, the investor states that he/she wants to buy or sell at a given price or a better one if it is available.


See or better.
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Crompton's original OBS 200 series is recommended for pipe.
OBS has over 150 staff in offices across Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Canberra.
The M-Secure Banking Suite marks the introduction of next-generation web cash management," says Dan Myers, OBS CEO.
We are honored to be recognized by the respected Mira Awards," says OBS Medical's Chief Operating Officer, Wayne Nethercutt.
OBS Authentication uses software tokens and public-key cryptography to securely deliver one-time pass codes upon receipt of valid, encrypted PINs and leverages the OBS Java Desktop client for token distribution.
We are delighted to select OBS Medical's BioQT[TM] cardiac safety analytical platform for inclusion into our comprehensive Phase I services," commented Randy Spaulding, Spaulding Clinical CEO.
GlobalBridge and OBS can now offer investment solutions for all trust bank clients, those with less than $1 million and those with more than $1 million in financial assets.