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The two-character ISO 3166 country code for NAMIBIA.


Used in bond transaction tables in newspapers to indicate a bond that trades on a nonaccrual basis (that is, on the basis of no obligation to repay any back interest owed).
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Approve schools of nursing and nursing assistant training programs
Well, my beliefs about nursing assistants were proven wrong.
Employees currently enrolled in the Nursing Assistant Training Program are from the housekeeping, laundry, and dietary departments.
He said that Masilmani Kularajah, a nursing assistant who was on duty at the home on the night Mrs Jepson was killed, had lied repeatedly when giving evidence and that the prosecution had failed to prove that Cook had been inside the nursing home.
Bosses investigated the claims against ward manager Ronnie Shepherd, nurses Anne Knight and Mary Moy, and nursing assistants Jean Park, William Ferrie and Anne Murphy.
The book is co-authored with Richard Hoffman and Marty Schumacher, who both work with Pillemer in producing Nursing Assistant Monthly, a professional newsletter for nursing assistants, of which Pillemer is executive editor.
Both formal discipline and the Alternative Program assure that the nurse or nursing assistant receives treatment and does not practice until safe to do so.
He now works as a nursing assistant at the Stead Memorial Hospital in Redcar, but also has hopes of one day becoming a professional in martial arts fighting.
Aside from the meal itself, the resident in Wisconsin could receive her meal from a minimum-wage feeding assistant who has trained for eight hours to assist residents with their meals, while the Michigan resident still receives meals from a nurse or nursing assistant who has gone through rigorous training.
According to Stone, the "most important prediction of job satisfaction and nursing assistant turnover is management style allowing worker autonomy.
Contract notice: Training / nursing assistant to mistelbach.
For several years Luana has been a primary instructor for Stafford Technical Center's nursing assistant education program where she has contributed to the program's growth and success.

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