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The two-character ISO 3166 country code for NAMIBIA.


Used in bond transaction tables in newspapers to indicate a bond that trades on a nonaccrual basis (that is, on the basis of no obligation to repay any back interest owed).
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3 NA: Lens Numerical Aperture size, High NA improves resolution, Low NA improves DoF
While the substrate protects the recording layer from contamination and oxidation, the thickness of the substrate also limits the numerical aperture (na) that can be used in the objective lens.
The $15 million iTC will serve as a test bed for semiconductor manufacturers and academic researchers involved in the development of photoresists, fluids, and other components for high numerical aperture, 193-nm immersion technology.
At the same time, the numerical aperture of a typical CD-R drive's objective lens is 0.
The resolution of an imaging system is controlled primarily by wavelength and numerical aperture.
The numerical aperture engraved on the objective describes the ability of that lens to collect the diffraction pattern and explains why an investment in good optics is important.
The XT:1900i offers the highest numerical aperture (NA) in the industry today (1.
Another approach is to optimize the fluorescence collection by using high-end microscope objectives in the 20,000 eur range with improved light transmission, high numerical aperture and low magnification that can collect fluorescence more efficiently.
The baffle acts as a sliding diaphragm, but the lens retains most of its resolving power (the numerical aperture of the objective is not reduced, even though the numerical aperture of the illumination is).
Medical device designers are able to specify POF assemblies and harnesses in terms of connector types, jacket material and color, temperature range, UL certification, cable lengths and tolerances, numerical aperture and fiber size, says MickaE1/2l Marie, European business manager, Molex.
In practice, it is nearly impossible to make a lens with a numerical aperture larger than about 0.
The combination of outstanding optical specifications - including numerical aperture, resolution, polarization control, and transmission - with the unrivalled scanner technology of ASML results in a market leading tool capable of meeting even the most demanding customer applications.

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