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IEmployers wishing to terminate the employment of well-paid employees on long notice periods will be advised to scrutinise the conduct of employees to see if there are grounds to justify dismissal without any notice.
Shorter notice periods are to be welcomed but, as always, there is a balance to be had - not least because schools could have a legitimate reason for being slightly understrength.
You have pointed out the instance of different notice periods for the employer and the employee.
The first thing to be aware of involves redundancy notice periods.
Some of those applicants are already in jobs elsewhere and those jobs have notice periods although often, in sport, when a coach clearly wants to leave, a notice period will be waived or "sold" for a compensation fee.
The new card, featuring all-important stats and facts relating to employee payments and notice periods, has been produced by law specialists De Marco Solicitors in Coventry.
Two years employment service includes probation and notice periods.
By inserting notice period terms in the contract, did both parties consider and evaluate the notice issue and evince a clear intention not to provide for significantly longer common law notice periods?
Hedge funds often impose lockups and notice periods to limit the ability of investors to withdraw capital.
The council will no doubt argue that there are pros and cons to long notice periods.
and were not included in previous closings as a result of certain notice periods and consents not having been received.
1m [pounds sterling] payment in November for taking contracts with reduced notice periods and will receive 4.