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Informal; a very large institutional investor. Elephants can have huge impacts on the market for both good and bad. See also: Too-Big-to-Fail.


An institutional investor that controls a substantial amount of funds and that makes investment decisions that can have a major impact on a security's market price.
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The number of northern right whale dolphins (n= 31) and northern elephant seals (n= 27) observed killed are nearly equal, although the estimated population size of northern elephant seals (100,000 animals, NMFS, unpubl, data, cited in Carretta et al.
prevalence and antimicrobial drug sensitivity were determined in northern elephant seals that had not entered the water and seals that were stranded on the California coast.
in northern elephant seals at different sites in California to ascertain the distribution of these bacteria in pinnipeds and determine their potential effect on marine mammal and human health.
From February to July in 2003 and 2004, 195 juvenile northern elephant seals were found stranded live along the California coast, rescued, and brought to The Marine Mammal Center (TMMC), Sausalito, California, for rehabilitation.
was higher in juvenile northern elephant seals that became stranded along the coast of central California than in seals on their natal beaches that had never entered the water.
Flanked by dunes and beaches, Ano Nuevo Point is the winter home for thousands of northern elephant seals, with bulls staging dramatic fights for breeding rights.

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