accounting equation

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Accounting Equation

A brief equation describing the relationship between the assets and the liabilities of a company. In other words, the accounting equation describes how a company's resources relate to the persons or entities with claims on those resources. It is stated as:

Assets = Liabilities + Owners' Equity.

accounting equation

the idea that capital is equal to assets minus liabilities, and thus may be expressed as C = A – L. This may also be described as ‘the balance sheet identity’. See BALANCE SHEET.
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Antibiotics can disrupt the normal balance of bacteria in the intestines, providing an environment where C.
However, Bowen works by triggering the body's own self-healing mechanism and restoring what is known as homeostasis, which can best be described as being the normal balance for that individual.
Endocrinologists are trained to find and treat hormone imbalances by helping to restore the normal balance of hormones in your system.
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This new finding suggests that restoring the normal balance of reduction-oxidation chemical reactions in the body could prevent heart disease and other conditions caused by reductive stress.
It is interesting that the balance point or center of gravity of the EVO is slightly farther forward than the normal balance on the hinge pin.
Abnormally high or abnormally low bone turnover can increase the severity of growth retardation in children with kidney disease, so finding a normal balance is important.
Supplementing with probiotics can assist in restoring a normal balance more quickly while the Therapy will eventually create the ideal conditions for sustaining a healthy gut.
An infection of the inner ear (labyrinthitis) or an inflammation of the balance nerve (vestibular neuronitis) can give rise to severe rotatory dizziness for up to two to three weeks, with a slow return to normal balance which can take a further few weeks.
While the Committee has broadly agreed to eventually return to a more normal balance sheet, the wounds from the collapse in housing have been deep, and the risks from removing support too quickly are potentially great.
This year we have got everything from Monteverdi to the very latest in contemporary jazz, our normal balance of chamber and orchestral music and a bit of cutting edge drama.