nonmarketable security

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Nonmarketable security

Securities that cannot be easily bought and sold.

Nonmarketable Security

A security that may not be bought or sold. Generally, a nonnegotiable security may be redeemed by the issuer, but this is often subject to some limitations. Low-risk instruments such as savings bonds and certificates of deposit are examples of nonnegotiable securities. They are also called nonnegotiable securities and nontradeable securities.

nonmarketable security

A security that may not be sold by one investor to another. This type of security is generally redeemable by the issuer, although within certain limitations. U.S. Treasury savings bonds and most certificates of deposit are nonmarketable securities. Also called nonnegotiable security.
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Third, the smaller the tradeable goods sector relative to the nontradeable goods sector, the more difficult it is to expand exports.
The goods are exportable, importable, and nontradeable, and the three factors of production are capital, skilled, and unskilled labor.
During adjustment, prices of tradeable goods appear to have risen relative to those of nontradeable goods, thus supporting the process whereby exports rose and imports declined.
Their unwillingness to recognise the time-specificity of reform measures can also be illustrated by considering other examples such as the Household Responsibility System in agriculture, the Dual Track System in industry, Special Economic Zones in foreign trade and investment, and the more recent use of nontradeable shares in the equitisation of SOEs, etc.
Moreover, because organizational knowledge tends to be tacit, socially complex, embedded in firm-specific routines and processes, and nontradeable in strategic factor markets, the knowledge-based advantage is difficult to copy and thus sustainable (Polanyi, 1967; Barney, 1986a; Reed & DeFillippi, 1990; Nonaka, 1994).
Indeed, an underdeveloped financial system is more likely to channel foreign capital not to potentially highly productive but hard-to-finance investment in the tradable manufacturing sector, but rather to easily collateralized nontradeable investments such as real estate.
I believe Greenstone would be better off describing the items as nontradeable items or negotiable but not provided, as taken from the Schlossberg article in the Spring 1996 issue of U.
Lo, Mamaysky, and Wang achieve this by giving agents a nontradeable risky asset--a business, a job, et cetera.
To an audience question, he agreed that the Black-Scholes model of valuing stock options does appear to exaggerate swings in value, adding that the IASB is looking for better ideas and a focus on how to value long-term, nontradeable options.
13] Similarly, the reform of social security pensions (which are themselves nontradeable survivor bonds) and the transfer of pension provision from the public to the private sector would be greatly eased by the existence of tradeable survivor bonds.
As workers have attempted to shift to other sectors, gains in nominal wages and increases in prices in nontradeable goods industries have been held down as well.