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Licensed RIAs offer "the most comprehensive, customized financial and nonfinancial service models in the industry," the report stated.
Manufacturing activity was portrayed as ''steady to moderately improving'' across most of the country, while conditions in the nonfinancial service sector generally strengthened somewhat.
However, the escalating rents in the Greenwich submarket prompted nonfinancial service companies to seek out alternative locations for their office space needs, specifically within the Stamford and the Central submarkets.
The truly critical part of the analysis is that for 1999, roughly 100 of the 220 industrial and nonfinancial service companies we rate will be operating at or near their break-even points, even after undergoing drastic streamlining,'' Moody's said.
Activity among nonfinancial service sectors improved overall, the reports indicated.
Among the numerous commercial transactions taxpayers desire to keep confidential are routine sales of inventory; licenses of intellectual property and technology-sharing agreements; employee secondments; severance agreements; agreements to settle commercial litigation and disputes; and nonfinancial service agreements, including, for example, payroll, human resources, and data processing services.
Manufacturing activity rose, and demand for nonfinancial services increased.
Another key element was a willingness to partner with external providers such as FinTech startups, technology providers and nonfinancial services firms that customers value.
Many Districts reported modest growth in nonfinancial services.
ECIMB is a new Greenfield bank with a vision to become a leader in providing focused financial and nonfinancial services to the owners of small and micro enterprises.
The program will also improve the quantity, quality, and relevance of nonfinancial services for MSMEs and help to solve the problems of lack of coordination of public management support and lack of current statistical information on the sector.
8 percent of manufacturing companies and 8 percent of nonfinancial services companies adopt an age-based mandatory retirement policy for CEOs.