nonrated bonds

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Nonrated Bonds

Bonds with issuers that have not received a credit rating from one or more of the major credit rating agencies. A bond may be nonrated for a number of reasons, including simply not wishing to pay the fee to the credit rating agency. A nonrated bond is not necessarily risky, but they cannot be investment-grade.

nonrated bonds

See not rated.
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Saja Pharmarceuticals, Non-Rated B Best in Uniform awardee.
American Capital invested $40 million in the BB+, BB, BB-, B+, B, B- and non-rated tranches of bonds issued by Merrill Lynch Mortgage Trust 2006-C1 (MLMT 2006-C1), a $2.
Lerrick also makes much of the declining share of IBRD lending to non-rated countries -- from 41 percent in 1993 to 1 percent in 1999 -- suggesting that at best Bank lending is not needed, and at worst it crowds out private providers.
Credit enhancement for the 1A1 certificate is provided by the structural support on the underlying transaction and by the 17% non-rated class 1A2 bond.
Investors should not automatically equate non-rated bonds with high-risk because many of these bonds are of good credit quality.
The largest underwriting in history of tax-exempt, non-rated bonds for a CCRC and the largest bond issue in history for a CCRC in New York State
12 /PRNewswire/ -- The Public Securities Association (PSA) has told the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB) that it believes current regulations in the municipal securities market protect investors who purchase non-rated securities and that the current regulatory scheme already requires the highest professional standards in dealers' relationships with customers.
Fitch expects any losses to be absorbed by the non-rated class.
Based on a recent appraisal valuation, losses are expected upon the disposition of this asset, which will be absorbed by the non-rated class NR.
Projected losses upon disposition of the property are to be absorbed by the non-rated classes.
40% class B5-II, as well as the non-rated, privately offered 0.

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