nonoperating income

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Nonoperating Income

Income that a company derives from any source other than its operations. For example, if a company sells one of its factories or receives income from interest payments, these constitute nonoperating income. Most (though not all) nonoperating income is non-repetitive, and, as such, is excluded from many measures of profit. See also: Operating income.

nonoperating income

Income derived from a source other than a firm's regular activities. For example, a firm may record as nonoperating income the profit gained from the sale of an asset other than inventory.
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6 percent year-on-year due to a number of non-operating incomes including foreign exchange and stock disposal gains.
681 billion in combined revenue for the first quarter, up 34% year-on-year, and scored operating incomes of NT$165 million and non-operating incomes of NT$369 million, with net profits of NT$416 million.
69 million) and non-operating incomes of NT$510 million (US$15.

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