Describing a calculation of income or earnings not made according to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. It is often difficult to compare non-GAAP earnings to each other because there are no standardized methods for computing them. Examples of non-GAAP earnings include free cash flow and core earnings.


Computations used to report corporate income and earnings that are not defined by generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) are described as non-GAAP metrics.

These measures, including core earnings, free cash flow, pro forma earnings, operating earnings, and earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA), provide useful financial information about individual companies.

But lack of standardization in these calculations, plus the potential for creative accounting, make it difficult to draw relevant comparisons among companies or draw meaningful conclusions from these statistics.

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The Company currently expects total contract revenues for the second quarter of fiscal 2016 to range from $530 million to $550 million and Non-GAAP Adjusted Diluted Earnings per Common Share to range from $0.
If fourth quarter 2014 currency rates were applied to fourth quarter 2015 non-GAAP revenue, Nuance would have achieved approximately 1% organic non-GAAP revenue growth for the quarter.
The difference between non-GAAP and GAAP revenue is derived from the fact that deferred revenues consolidated from acquired companies are recorded based on fair value rather than book value for GAAP purposes.
As best-of-breed companies continue to search for more meaningful and effective ways to communicate with in-vestors, analysts and business partners, the use of non-GAAP accepted accounting principles] financial meas-ures is making a comeback.
In the first quarter, our revenue and non-GAAP EPS performance met our expectations, and we experienced good cash generation.
REMEMBER the euphemisms for incomparable, non-GAAP reporting of earnings before one-time charges?
To that end, the AICPA has commented on numerous SEC proposals focused on internal control reporting, audit committees, codes of ethics, misleading auditors, off-balance-sheet activities, non-GAAP proforma financial disclosures and auditor independence--seven key areas of the law in which the CPA profession has long-held and strongly advocated positions to protect the public and add valuable information to the capital markets and investors.
1 million and both GAAP and non-GAAP diluted EPS were reduced by 11 cents.
Despite continuing weakness in certain international markets, we continue to generate solid growth and record revenue and Non-GAAP net income," said Zee Hakimoglu, President and Chief Executive Officer.
The GAAP tax rate for the quarter was 15 percent and the non-GAAP tax rate was 24 percent.
08 Non-GAAP Results: Income from Operations (EBIT) $7.
First Quarter Net Income up Year-over-Year: 36% GAAP, 22% Non-GAAP
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