non-profit organization

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Nonprofit Organization

An organization that operates as if it were a business but does not seek a profit. Common examples of nonprofits include charities, private schools, and think tanks. Nonprofits do not pay taxes; donations to many are tax-deductible, at least up to certain limits. In order to qualify for this status, however, a nonprofit must register with the IRS, under section 501(c) of the tax code. See also: 403(b).

non-profit organization

an organization which attempts to achieve an objective other than profit, for example, a charity.
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Federal government transfers to the core non profit organizations increased while the provincial shares declined.
The Center of Excellence was established by NISH, a national non profit agency that administers the Javits-Wagner-O'Day (JWOD) Act -- a Federal law that uses the purchasing power of the federal government to buy products and services from non profit agencies dedicated to training and employing people with disabilities.
The Centers for Excellence Program fosters the development and implementation of best business practices by non profit agencies.
When Worlds Collide: Implications of International Trade and Investment Agreements for Non Profit Social Services, a report prepared by Canadian Labour Congress Senior Economist Andrew Jackson and CCPA Research Associate Matt Sanger, says safeguards for the non-profit sector tend to apply only to sectors which do not include any for-profit actors.
The national averages were based on statistics reported by the Independent Sector organization, a coalition of foundations, non profit organizations, corporations and individuals (www.
20 percent of respondents serve on non profit boards or are
The 3G cdmA-List Awards were created by QUALCOMM Incorporated (Nasdaq:QCOM) to honor leading small, medium and large companies, public agencies and non profit entities for their successful wireless data solutions based on 3G CDMA2000 networks, devices and business applications.
1) Source: QUALCOMM Incorporated -- press release issued October 22, 2003 -- "QUALCOMM Announces Winners of Inaugural 3G cdmA-List Awards; Leading Companies, Public Agencies and Non Profit Organizations Recognized for Innovative Wireless Data Deployments;" link to announcement follows: http://biz.
She stated that most non profits have been in business for over 50 years and their needs are growing.
Applicants can apply by clicking here Website For Non Profits (http://www.
WASHINGTON -- TechAssist LLC, a DC-based IT consulting and services company that focuses its efforts on the special challenges associations, non profits, law firms, and small and mid-sized businesses face daily, with the assistance of additional sponsors will be launching a hotspot that will provide free wireless outdoor access to the Internet in Dupont Circle on Friday, July 22, 2005.
Non profits will face future competition from government and for profit sectors as the baby boom generation retires.

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